FIONA!!!!!! Philip and Lindy were practically in tears when they saw the collage tonight, THEY LOVED IT!
They adored it, it’s the most amazing gift they could ever imagine, the best wedding present ever.
We are fabulous friends for thinking of it, but huge thanks to you for creating it.


Hi Fiona, I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful collage/painting you did for my brother’s 50th birthday. He was thrilled with the gift and said it was “one of the best presents he’s ever recieved.” My family and I were so happy because he is always very difficult to buy for, and so it turned out to be a really unique present and a great way to document his life, his memories and his achievements so far! You really did a wonderful job – very creative – and it turned out to be exactly te way we imagined it would be. Thank you so much again.
Steph and Wendy


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