about collage photo art

I am a collage artist based in Sydney,  Australia.  I have always been a keen photographer and began by combining photographs with other images from various sources. These were then combined on canvas with various mixed media techniques.  As a result, visually interesting collages were formed.

I now create unique, custom designed artworks for individuals and families, based on photographs of yourself, children, families, friends and travels. Special holidays, birthdays and anniversaries can be remembered in this unique way. I use your photos or if desired can take individual photos for the collage. This is the present for someone who has everything!

These artworks are a creative and very personal way to display your photographs and memorabilia. They add dimension and texture to ordinary photos and more importantly, combine other facets of your life on canvas that people would not ordinarily see, such as objects that are important or symbolic to you. For example, life milestones and achievements, hobbies, family memories and interests.

The artworks that I can create for you have been inspired by a desire to create pieces that add another dimension to just photography or paint alone.  Your photos (not originals!) will be combined with paint, decorative papers, text and any other interesting images and memorabilia relevant to yourself or family or friends. An artwork is then created that can be viewed many times over, each time something new being discovered, previously hidden somewhere on the canvas.

The collages are done on an individual basis, so the size, theme, colours, composition and content of the work are entirely up to you.

Prices are quoted on an individual basis, depending on the canvas size required. Most sizes can be made to order.

Artworks displayed on this site have either been commissioned or are here as a guide to the type of artworks that I can create.

Please contact me if you would like to know more.