What do you do with your photos?

Most people I talk to always complain about the fact that their photos are all on their computer and they never have time to do anything with them. They sit there and they sit there…and they sit there. ┬áHave a think about what you can do with your photos, either creating a photo-book for each year, or themed photo-books.. for example, holidays, children, homes etc. Or, think about creating a collage, where your photos can be seen everyday – life is too short to have your photos hidden away!

The other thing to think about is displaying your family memorabilia. Most of the time it is hidden away in drawers and cupboards, locked away to the world. By incorporating family mementos into a photo collage, the finished piece then says so much more than just the photos alone.

When you next have a free moment, take a quick look and see what you could incorporate into a photo collage…you will be surprised what you have lying around!